Commodity Trade

By Courtesy of its Geostrategic position, Turkey is a hub point for the main trade routes, thus having the experience of operating ships in the region for 50 years and the privilege of working directly with the traders/manufacturers, GENTA managed to create a solid portfolio with a wide range of different suppliers which we are in direct contact.

Main commodities that we provide service:

Hard Commodities

Industrial Metals

- Copper (Cathodes) / Steel (reinforcing steel bars) / Scrap metals / Zinc / Aluminium

Precious Metals

- Gold


- Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Coal

Soft Commodities

Minerals & Materials

- Sulphur / STPP / Soda Ash / Sodium Sulphate / Cement


- Wheat / Sugar / Barley / Rice Corn / Cocoa / Coffee Beans